What You Don’t Know


The Papercuts Library #1

The opening shot is aimed right at you in The Papercuts Library’s foundational treatise on personal ignorance. What You Don’t Know is all about exactly that, what you don’t know, and the staggering volume of knowledge you have forgotten it includes. If you want to make a difference in this world, it has to start with you. Find out why what you don’t know might be the only thing holding you back.

34 pages
8.5″ x 5.5″


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Imagine all the things you don’t know…

No really, that’s pretty much the whole of the exercise.

What You Don’t Know has more to offer than you think, but that’s the natural state of personal ignorance…


There’s no way around ignorance, except through acknowledging it, and this is the cut meant to inspire your attention to it…


Think the internet is going to save you? Think again…


Why is this important? Because the depths of ignorance are endless, and at some point there is a good chance that you’ve just decided that you actually have knowledge of many things where in fact you have none…


This isn’t some fun-time book of thoughtful musings, it’s a short set of blistering reminders of how much you don’t know.

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"Brilliant! A tough love, must-read pre-manifesto for the millennium." - Anne M.


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