The Papercuts Library is an offering of succinctly crafted guides dedicated to the slow death of ignorance. With purposeful perspective and actionable strategies for individuals who want to make a difference, the Papercuts Library aims to save ourselves from ourselves in clear, easy to consume, and manageable doses.

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Launched in September 2020, the Papercuts Library was founded by writer and conceptual artist, Joey Sellers, with the goal of building a collection of polemics, pitches, and prescriptions for a more thoughtful and civilized America.

Papercuts Library founder demonstrating the Periodic Calendar at World Maker Faire
Joey demonstrating the Periodic Calendar at Maker Faire

Far from inflaming or inciting, each Papercut seeks to defuse and deescalate, to “blunt the sharpness” and “untangle the knots” Taoist-style, and to utilize a playful but impactful writing technique that (sort of) mixes the Socratic method with a form of ‘conceptual parkour’ to lead the reader through a series of arguments meant to promote new and productive thinking about old and nagging problems. … Or something like that.

The centerfold of Papercuts Library #7

Printed and produced in-house since launch, we will soon be working with a very exciting print partner to be announced in the near future! For now though, Joey prints, folds, and staples every book that goes out the door!

The first five Papercuts

From the beginning the idea was to do something different all around, including with distribution, and so the only place you can buy the Papercuts Library is right here on our website and at select independent retailers. These books are in print for a reason, as they are not on Amazon for a reason as well.

The Papercuts Library at POP-HOP Books & Print

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