Saving the World from Facebook


The Papercuts Library #3

Delete your Facebook account! That’s the goal of this book and we encourage you to save your money and just go for it, but if you need a little help quitting, whether a dedicated daily user or a deactivated denizen, we can show you the way out the door. Find out why this is one account not to abandon. Action is required, wipe your slate clean today!

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If you still have a Facebook account, you are getting more than you were likely bargaining for in multiple capacities. It could even be called aiding and abetting, but we’ll get to that.

For starters, let’s go over who this is for and what it is about:


There are plenty of how-to guides out there about the literal steps to delete your Facebook account, but in this book we go through all the reasons you should delete your account instead.

It has a little something to do with making the world a better place…


In truth, #3 most likely contains a lot of things you don’t want to hear… but you see how that gets problematic?

What are all the headlines about Facebook trying to tell you? They are not about how awesome your News Feed is, nor are they offering you reasons to continue holding on to this old social media account forever, particularly not ‘because of your friends’…


With billions already bought in, we will cut straight to the chase too: Delete this blight from your phone and computer right now. You don’t need our book to close this chapter in your life, you can just jump right to making a difference…


You won’t find the Papercuts Library on Facebook (we deleted on December 31st, 2020), and we are willing to wager that you already can’t find many of your friends there either.

And if you are getting your news and information from this company, then frankly… you are using it wrong. Facebook was supposed to be a social network, and whoever is left in your friend list is almost definitely not a journalist, and likely knows little of what they are talking about… so where do you think that leaves you?

This is not an account to abandon, action is required. Delete today, or order #3 and give us a chance to lay out the whole case for you…

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

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The Loss of Privacy


The Spread of Disinformation






The Undermining of Democracy




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You can find apps and websites where you are using Facebook to log in here:



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