Fragmenting Your Exposure to Big Tech


What is the nature of your relationship with Big Tech? Just like clicking agree on terms of service without reading them, we’ve fallen head first for the offerings of Big Tech without much thought about what we are getting ourselves into.

Now as AI assistants begin taking up residence with us, it seems like a fine time to finally consider the issue, and in Fragment Your Exposure to Big Tech we’ll give you a crash course on the four companies you should be watching out for.

The Papercuts Library #8
ISBN: 978-1-957660-08-0
Dimensions: 8.5″ x 5.5″
Pages: 36
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For a look at the Big Tech visualization in the centerfold of #8, check out our write-up: A Non-Exhaustive Yet Fairly Thorough View of Big Tech via Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft’s Consumer Product Lines